Indeed's Oscars ad salutes the many players behind the Moon landing

Credit goes beyond Neil Armstrong

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Feb 07, 2020

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Hiring platform Indeed will be airing a space-themed ad that pays homage to all the different players involved in helping man finally set foot on the moon.

The spot highlights everyone from Neil Armstrong to the scientists and engineers watching his back, as well as mathematicians who helped ensure all things were go (a likely nod to the 2017 Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures”) and the custodian who kept the control room tidy. “Great moments are the work of many,” the endline reads.

The spot's idea mirrors the sentiment in Adobe's Academy Awards outing, which gives credit to the many makers behind its ad.

The spot was created in-house and shot in Kiev on a range of scenes and sets including a complete replica of a ‘60s-era space center, with much of the crew behind the “Chernobyl” series on HBO.

James Marsh of Pulse Films directed.