'Independence Day' Promotion Lets You Witness an Alien Invasion on Your Own Street

Interactive Experience From 20th Century Fox Utilizes Google Streetview

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Jun 22, 2016
Independence Day My Street

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Promoting "Independence Day: Resurgence", which hits theaters tomorrow (June 24), 20th Century Fox has launched IndependenceDayMYStreet.com, a Street View experience that lets people see what their own neighborhood would look like under attack during an alien invasion.

Viewers can type in their home address and see their street transformed into a devastated wasteland with burning fires, diving spacecraft and panicked voices.

The site was created by digital production and design company Jam3, which used dynamic masking, compositing the scenes in real time and swapping in the custom background featuring the Mothership to one of a million possible existing Street Views. To keep locations like New York, L.A., Chicago, Toronto and Philadelphia looking realistic, the agency created custom mattes that use existing Street View imagery, but push the compositing right to the edge.