Women's Inner Thoughts Power Ad for Nike's Biggest Female Athletics Push

Charming Spot Is Directed by Matthew Frost

Published On
Apr 14, 2015

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In this Nike Women spot out of Wieden & Kennedy Portland, the brand gives voice to the inner thoughts of everyday women exercising. The ad -- directed by Matthew Frost at Iconoclast, who is best known for his hilarious parodic films featuring celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Kate Winslet -- depicts women worrying about "non-judgmental" classmates in yoga, too many mirrors, or models, at the gym and running "half a half marathon" in a humorous, lighthearted tone that denotes a (charming) attempt by the brand to step down from its normally elite persona. It ends on a more upbeat, motivational message as the various women start to enjoy their chosen exercise.

It's all part of a wider initiative hashtagged #betterforit that will form Nike's largest initiative to "support and motivate a women's athletic journey." Aside from the hero film, there is also a series of short films debuting online.

"Every athlete has goals. And Nike is the link between you and your aspirations," said Amy Montagne, VP/general manager of NikeWomen and Global Women's Training in a statement. "We provide more than encouragement -- with initiatives like #betterforit, Nike provides the tools for women to expand their personal athletic potential."

Separately, Nike in Japan and W&K Tokyo has launched a TV ad featuring a female runner wearing Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit shoes a running in a loop that spells Nike.com. It was directed by Eiji Tanigawa and promotes the website as an inspirational hub for all things sporting.

Women's inner thoughts also recently came to play in a recent, less uplifting, ad for Dove out of France, which put ladies' negative self-talk up for public consumption via an eye-opening stunt.