Innocent smoothies is giving Stockholm’s insects their very own taxi-top gardens

The campaign from Juno Public Relations aims to help pollinating insects move more easily between the city’s green areas

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Jun 05, 2023
A taxi with garden on its roof

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In an effort to offer customers the best smoothies possible, juice and smoothie company Innocent is getting to the very beginning of its supply chain—the bees. But as the cities where potential customers live become denser, green spaces often shrink, forcing insects to travel further and further between life-giving flora. 

A new campaign from Juno Public Relations gives these vital insects a better way to navigate between the green areas of Stockholm, Sweden’s urban center. 

The campaign converts the rooftops of Taxi Stockholm’s electric taxis into gardens replete with greenery and fresh flowers in an effort to create more habitats, nesting sites and food sources for insects in urban environments. Floating plant islands are also being installed in one of Stockholm’s biggest parks, Hagaparken, in collaboration with the nonprofit association Ekoparken. 

A mobile garden on stop of a Stockholm taxicab

“Insect pollination is vital for sustaining life on Earth and enables us to produce our juices and smoothies,” said Axel Ponten, brand manager at Innocent, which has 86% of its ingredients dependent on pollination. “However, the existence of pollinators is increasingly at risk, particularly in dense urban areas.”

These bug taxis also provide people with positive effects. Urban greenery can reduce stress and increase overall quality of life. Let’s just hope no one gets stung, though.