and R/GA Win Media Grand Prix for 'Innovating Saving'

Campaign Hijacked the Super Bowl

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Jun 21, 2017

Editor's Pick and R/GA's New York office has won the Grand Prix for Media at Cannes for the e-commerce startup's audacious "Innovating Saving" campaign.

One highlight of the campaign was hijacking the Super Bowl, without paying Super Bowl TV ad prices, by doing an online commercial for's own super bowls. Key words and tagging made that spot more relevant than real Super Bowl ads. Other ads showed cost-saving ideas that didn't work, like having a robot wrap things. And, which was bought by Walmart last year for $3.3 billion, even told people to spend less money at the holidays, suggesting making the decision about what to spend on friends and family based on how much they like you on social media. has more than seven million registered users.

"It was a retailer startup that grew amazingly," said Mike Cooper, president of the media jury and worldwide CEO of PHD Worldwide.

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