Would You Eat Bug Ice Cream? The Economist Wants You to Try

Yucky Experiential Campaign Has a Serious Message

Published On
Jul 06, 2015

Editor's Pick

It may be hot in London but how desperate are Londoners for ice cream? The Economist is going to see, by inviting people in the city to eat ice cream flavored with bugs. Yes, that's right: the publication is currently taking an ice cream truck round the city with four free insect-laden flavors to try: Scurry Berry, which is elderberry and raspberry with mixed insect bits; Choc Hopper, which includes chunks of grasshopper; Strawberries and Swirls, mixed with meal-worms; and Nutritious Neapolitan, which (rather vaguely and scarily, we think), includes "mixed critters."

The experiential campaign, by agency Sense London, is meant to get new readers engaging with the magazine, by interesting them in areas such as sustainability.The Economist explored the idea of eating bugs in a 2014 blog titled "Why Eating Insects Make Sense." in which it argues that consuming less meat and more insects would be good for the world.

According to The Guardian, Economist retail marketing executive Marina Haydn said: "It's our way of bringing The Economist to potential readers in the real world, real time -- and creating a content-laced experience that has been a journey to an area outside of the usual comfort zone."