Old Spice : Inspirational Note

Greg Jennings is stuck.

Published On
Nov 11, 2012

Editor's Pick

You have to wonder how any of Greg Jennings' Greenbay Packers teammates will ever take him seriously, after the player's completely ridiculous turns as the face of Old Spice's "Believe in Your Smellf" campaign, created out of Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

Two new spots carry the same awkward hilarity that we saw in earlier films with the NFL wide receiver, "Bed," and "Film." This time, Jennings finds himself stuck in a rather uncomfortable, doomed position in the middle of the road (what we would give for a backstory of how he got there) in "Cement," while in "Inspirational Note," he tells you to put a motivational quote someplace where you are guaranteed to find it. "Wow," he says at the end of reading that note. "Wow" is what we find ourselves saying too -- this campaign just gets weirder and weirder.