Intel and Dell Technologies Head into the World of Animal Crossing to Promote E-Cycling

VMLY&R creates 'eCycleLand' island in the Nintendo game

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Feb 06, 2023


Intel and Dell Technologies are teaching people to properly “e-cycle” their electronic waste (e-waste) with an interactive experience in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. 

Launching on National Recycling Day (Nov 15th), players can visit the eCycleLand island and turn in the Rusted Parts found in the game for a sought-after item. While in eCycleLand, users will be educated about the real ways they can e-cycle, in partnership with Dell: 

At the start of the tour, the visitor will scan a QR code to access an unlisted YouTube video that pairs with the walking tour around the island (much like a museum self-guided tour). This post is for auditory use, meaning it will not need to be watched, but just listened to as the visitor moves from station to station.   

  • Station 1: What is e-waste? A brief intro to e-waste and why it’s a problem  
  • Station 2: What is e-cycling? A brief intro to e-cycling and how it combats the problem of e-waste  
  • Station 3: What can be e-cycled? A gamified explanation of what can/cannot be e-cycled  

At the fourth and final station, players receive information on programs they can use to e-cycle in real life.

Players receive instructions on how to e-cycle their old devices, no matter the brand.

Eligible devices can be shipped to Dell at no cost and traded in for credit towards new electronics. Dell will also e-cycle ineligible devices for free.  

Intel’s Animal Crossing e-cycling education integration is just one of many brand sustainability efforts in progress. As part of Intel’s commitment to progress against climate change, the company continuously looks for ways to develop more sustainable technology solutions and collaborate with other organizations to advance best practices in corporate responsibility worldwide.  


Feb 06, 2023
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