For $10,000, KFC's 'Internet Escape Pod' Will Protect You From the Holidays

Brand's Latest Boutique Offering Comes at a Steep Price

Published On
Nov 21, 2017

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KFC wants to rescue you from the holidays with the latest addition to its product lineup. The $10,000 "Internet Escape Pod" aims to help a fan of the chicken chain "escape the holiday-related technological noise." It looks like a space-aged silver dome, and comes with a chicken leg-shaped door handle and a Colonel Harland Sanders replica embracing the top, meant to "take you back to a simpler time."

Once you step inside, it will shield you from everything from online shopping reminders to annoying texts from family members wondering what you're bringing to the potluck. There's room for four adults to relax and potentially indulge in some KFC chicken. After all, it's possible that when one eats in an Internet Escape Pod, the calories don't count.

The steel and stainless steel mesh cage, hugged by a Colonel Sanders made of high-density architectural foam and enamel paint, is the first big new item to appear on the KFC Ltd. site since it launched in July.

Once again, the latest offering comes at a price affordable only for an elite few. Previously, the KFC boutique sold a $20,000 chicken-sandwich shaped meteorite-- to a vegetarian.

But the brand is planning another collection, likely tailored for the general public's pockets, in early December. If you don't want to drop any cash, there's a much less expensive way to enjoy the Colonel this season. Open a copy of People's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue and you'll see an ad positioning the chain's founder as "The World's Sexiest Chicken Salesman."