Your Favorite Memes Take a Ride on Delta in Latest Safety Video

Annoying Orange, Keyboard Cat and Others Star in In-Flight Mashup

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May 21, 2015

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Delta just upped the stakes on how to create the most memorable airline safety video. Its latest video is basically one giant mash-up of internet memes, including "Charlie Bit My Finger," Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, Overly Attached Girlfriend and Screaming Goat. The company says the film, from Wieden & Kennedy New York and directed by Matt Aselton of Arts & Sciences, is an homage to YouTube on its 10th birthday as well as another creative way to capture travel-weary passengers' attention. It launches onboard next week.

The online version also comes with other goodies. At the end of the video, the "Will It Blend" guy pops in for an appearance and introduces a series of blender buttons, through which viewers can access "blended versions" of the content in the film featuring Epic Meal Time, the "I Like Turtles" kid and more.

Previous Delta in-flight videos have included a celebration of the '80s and its first video to break the mold, from 2012, which featured an Abe Lincoln cameo among other funny moments.