Studio G : Introducing Google Play

Everything, all in one place.

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Mar 05, 2012

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To promote the launch of Google Play, the search giant's newly rebranded destination for all things Android, Google's Studio G released this video illustrating, literally, how Play puts everything all in one place. Like previous Google campaigns, the film takes a homespun approach to promoting the brand's digital offerings--here, via one densely packed, gear-filled briefcase.

The film was a combination of practical, and postproduction effects. According to producer Yovel Schwartz, the contraption that stars in the film "did in fact work. It required five or six people to puppeteer on set, all of whom were also involved in building it." The shoot actually required two cases--"one with the functioning guts and one slightly smaller one that we comped the mechanical innards into during post," Schwartz says. "Most of what you're seeing at its base is from a continuous take--take 15 to be precise, with the Rubik's Cube section being stitched in from take 14."

Other interesting bits--the projector in the film actually did work and had practical lighting, but the animation was added in post. And what did they call the darn thing? "There was no official name for the contraption, we all sort of just collectively referred to it as 'The Briefcase,'" Schwartz says.


Mar 06, 2012
Agency :
Studio G
Producer :
Yovel Schwartz
Line Producer :
David Dranitzke
Writer/Director :
Jonathan Zames
Production Company :
Studio G
Production Company :
Camp Creative
Fabrication and Practical Effects :
White Room Artifacts
Visual Effects :
Director, Photography :
Adam Santelli
Art Director :
Garret Lowe
Motion Control :
Camera Control
Product Marketing Manager :
Paola Veglio
Music Composition :
Headquarters Music
Mix and Sound Design :
Sound Lounge

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