Stride : Introducing Mintacular

A very Apple ad.

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Aug 12, 2012

Editor's Pick

Wieden & Kennedy London is giving Apple product debut films a run for their money with the latest campaign for Stride gum, which includes this film, that features the "designers" behind the brand's new Mintacular flavor holding forth on their creative process. The film, which has some hilarious lines, including, "From the moment you pick it up, you instinctively know how to use it," will appear on The Onion's site, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

The campaign began earlier in August, when a mysterious billboard appeared in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, with a date (in the Apple font of course). The billboard was later replaced by an ad for Mintacular, featuring snowboarded Shaun White.

We're wondering why one of Apple's many, many lawyers didn't jump on this earlier: guess the font hasn't been trademarked for use by the tech company yet.