Invisible Children : Kony 2012 Part 2-Beyond Famous

The return of Kony 2012.

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Apr 05, 2012

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After a month filled with media frenzy and controversial drama, Invisible Children has released Part II of the Kony 2012 viral campaign, "Beyond Famous." This time, they're taking a different approach.

CEO Ben Keesey is the new voice-over, after Jason Russell, filmmaker and co-founder of the Invisible Children, suffered a public breakdown. The 20-minute video focuses on explaining the creation of the campaign and its progress. Now, it hopes to take its original mission from the digital world to the real world. The organization has targeted April 20th as the date it takes the streets and spreads its message in the "Cover The Night" campaign. Mr. Keesey admits it's been hard for Invisible Children to keep up with all of the attention but pledges that the campaign is stronger than ever and focused on the next phase.

Targeting all of the criticism, toward the end of the video, the screen displays a message: "Invisible Children does not condone illegal activity. . .We encourage creative and legal approaches to promotion only. Use common sense.