There's Nothing to See in Old Spice's Two-Hour 'Invisible Movie'

Fans Were Cast in Roles Via Twitter, But You'll Only Hear Their Voices

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Aug 24, 2017

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Following its casting calls issued earlier this month, Old Spice has revealed what kind of movie it was making. It's an invisible movie (yes, really -- you can't see it.)

To promote its Invisible Spray, the Procter & Gamble brand and Wieden & Kennedy Portland created "Invisible World," a full-length (147-minute) online movie in which you see absolutely nothing except a blank screen, although you can listen to the soundtrack complete with roles played by the Old Spice fans who were cast via Twitter auditions. The story is an action thriller based around a boy who opens up a gateway to an invisible dimension; Old Spice also boasts of its "mind-blowing invisible VFX."

While it's a great gimmick for Invisible Spray (and fans who took part are busily tweeting away about their roles), we have to admit, we didn't sit through the whole 147 minutes -- and indeed, the whole campaign centers on Old Spice urging you "not" to watch it.

Take the YouTube description: "Imagine that a deodorant brand were brave enough, crazy enough, to run with an idea as irresponsible and foolhardy as financing a full-length invisible movie that you can't actually see. Now imagine what that would look like. Now stop imagining, because it's happening. Wait, sorry, keep imagining, because there's nothing to see."

Whatever else, it proves that Old Spice and W&K still have the capacity to surprise us.


Aug 25, 2017
Brand :
Old Spice
Client :
Old Spice
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-Portland
Director, Marketing :
Janine Miletic
Assistant Brand Manager :
Eugenia Chacon
Creative Director :
Ashley Davis-Marshall
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Matt Sorrell
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Bertie Scrase
Art Director :
Christen Brestrup
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Evelyn Loomis
Integrated Production Director :
Endy Hedman
Account Team :
Ghada Soufan
Account Team :
Katie Schaller
Account Team :
Phil Williams
Media and Communications Planning :
Melissa Meier
Media and Communications Planning :
AJ Blumenthal
Media and Communications Planning :
Kimberly Van
Media and Communications Planning :
Cherish Lee
Media and Communications Planning :
Graham Wallace
Business Affairs Manager :
Kevin Moyer
Business Affairs Manager :
Dusty Slowik
Strategic Planning :
Drew Phillips
Strategic Planning :
Gian Colombo
Strategic Planning :
Andrew Clayton
Studio :
Patrick Cahalan
Studio :
Ken Berg
Production Company :
Digital One
Audio Post Producer :
Laura Ocean
Client Services :
Chelsea Smith
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Reed Harvey
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Chip Sloan
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Josh Millman
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Eric Stolberg
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Reed Harvey
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Eric Stolberg
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Brewster Parsons
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Sue Troyan
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Tim Davies
2D Lead :
Tim Davies
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Mike Dalzell
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Zoe Hoeltzel
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Jeredon OConnor
Vocal Arranger :
Executive Producer :
Sara Matarazzo
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Jacob Piontek
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Matt Wilcox
Head of Print Production :
Stacie Balzer
Fabrication Artist :
Kevin Shaw

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