Mindy Kaling Is the 'Invisible' Woman in Naitionwide's Game Day Ad

Spot Also Features Matt Damon cameo

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Feb 01, 2015

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Actress/comedian Mindy Kaling is the invisible woman in Nationwide's Super Bowl ad. Or at least, she thinks she is.

In the spot out of McKinney, Ms. Kaling goes about her day pulling only the kinds of crazy stunts you would if you were invisible--sunbathing in Central Park, walking through a car wash. That is, until she walks up to Matt Damon and tries to kiss him. It's only then that she discovers she isn't blessed with magical powers -- poor customer service from her current insurance only made her feel as if no one could see, or hear her. But Nationwide makes the point that with its breed of customer service, none of its patrons would feel that way.