Apple : iPad Mini

The iPad that will give your iPad a fat complex.

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Oct 23, 2012

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Another day, another iPad. At least, that's what it feels like, as Apple announced not one but two new iPads at its keynote event today. One is the 4th generation iPad, and the other is the cute, compact iPad mini.

The pint-sized iPad (its screen is 7.9 inches, compared to the 9.7 inches of the larger iPad) has a resolution of 1024x768, which means app developers can rest easy, since the current app ecosystem will crossover perfectly. It will be priced as $329 for a WiFi model with 16 gigabytes of space, weighing 0.68 pounds. As Tim Cook said during the presentation, the biggest (and we think only) difference is that unlike the regular iPad, you can hold it one hand. With rounded edges and considering its size, it looks mostly like an overgrown iPod touch.

The Mini direct competitor to the Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7, albeit a slightly bigger, and much more expensive one. Holiday demand is expected to result in brisk sales of the new device.

For those of you who can't wait until then, it will be available for pre-order starting Friday.