Apple Empowers Those from All Walks of Life in New Ad for iPhone5S

'Dreams' Shows How Phone Supports Firefighters, Environmentalist and More

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Aug 04, 2014

Editor's Pick

Apple doesn't just help sleep-deprived parents get through their day, it can also empower firefighters, doctors, pilots and environmental activists, as seen in this new spot created out of TBWA/MAL for the iPhone 5S. The brand continues to strike an emotional chord with this series of vignettes showing how the iPhone can help people from all walks of life achieve some impressive goals.

The new ad is set to a whistful, uplifting track, "When I Grow Up," by Jennifer O'Connor. Given the parents-themed spot before it, which was set to "Life of Dreams" by Julie Doiron and even the delightful sticker-adorned ad for the MacBook Air, which featured "Chimes" by Hudson Mohawk, it seems as if the brand is once again making music a key ingredient of its advertising, something it became famous for with its classic iPod "Silhouettes" campaign.