Jamie Foxx Gets Totally Busted in the Latest iPhone 6S Ad

Wait, Is He Listening to His Own Song? Yes. Yes, He Is

Published On
Oct 16, 2015

Editor's Pick

Apple continues to release fast-paced ads that show off the state-of-the-art capabilities of the new iPhone 6S, as used by regular people -- with brief cameo appearances by celebrities (e.g., Bill Hader) thrown into the mix (because, of course, celebrities are just like us).

This time, attractive, active people are shown using the new phone's 3D Touch technology to quickly "peek" and "pop" content from email to maps to music, when suddenly the voiceover breaks through the fourth wall to ask of a specific iPhone user, "Wait, are you listening to your own song?" Yep, that's Jamie Foxx we're watching swoon to one of his own hits. His awkward response to getting busted throws a welcome dose of low-key humor into the proceedings.