Apple Makes Shanghai's Crowds Vanish in This Romantic Spot

There's Sweet Storytelling Here About the iPhone 7 Plus and its Portrait Mode

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May 01, 2017

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Visiting Shanghai there's lot to take in: traffic, crowds, aunties doing evening calisthenics on the pavement, street vendors hawking hats or the smells of street food. But Apple's charming new spot manages to turn a city of 24 million people into a quiet place for a couple's romantic stroll.

The spot highlights an iPhone 7 Plus feature called "portrait mode," which brings the subject into focus and blurs the background. The spot illustrates the feature by showing Shanghai's crowds and noise disappearing as a pair of young lovers visits the city, alone.

They stroll along sites that are usually buzzing. There's a tranquil shot of a zigzagging wooden bridge in Yuyuan Garden that's always crammed full of tourists, and a scene of empty elevated walkways between the skyscrapers on the modern side of town, Pudong. At the end, the crowds reappear as the two take in the city's skyline. "Focus on what you love," is the tagline. The sweet background music is Walter Martin's "Sing 2 Me."

China is Apple's second-biggest market, but sales have slowed there lately as it faces a challenge from local smartphone brands Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. Apple is opening new stores and building four new research and development centers in China, and the iPhone 8 is expected to recharge growth there.