Instead of Switching Out Colonels, KFC Opts to 'Update' Its Famous Tag in the U.K.

'Bolder, Fresher' Approach Includes a Controversial Slogan

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Oct 12, 2016

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While KFC continues to refresh the Colonel in the U.S., it's taken a provocative new approach to marketing in the U.K. with a suggestive poster "updating" its famous slogan, part of a shakeup in the fast feeder's brand identity.

A 96-sheet poster features the brand's classic tagline "It's finger lickin' good" -- but certain letters are crossed out to read "It's f____'n' good." The ad will appear in selected locations across the U.K.

We can't help thinking this poster was designed to attract some complaints, and we'll be keeping an eye on its future via the Advertising Standards Authority.

It's all part of a campaign by BBH London designed to deliver what it calls a "fresh, bold modern feel for the brand," adopting a "witty tone of voice." Changes also include a new photographic style, typography-led executions, and a "Colonel stamp of quality" that will appear on communications.