Neil Patrick Harris is Honda's New 'Spokescrumb' in Odyssey Ads

Neat-Freaks, This Car's For You

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Aug 29, 2013

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Honda and RPA appeal to the neat-freaks among us (and parents of small children) in a new campaign for the redesigned Odyssey, where snacks and lint balls that end up on the car floor turn into the spokescrumbs that destined to be sucked up once the HondaVAC arrives on the scene.

The crumbs aren't just any crumbs either: Not only are they kind of adorable, they're voiced by some famous people. Neil Patrick Harris plays lint balls, while Rainn Wilson voices the gummy bears. There are three spots -- "Stampede" (with animal crackers), "Owner's Manual" (which doubles as a way to get the features of the car out there) and "It's Here," (featuring a gummy bear that shouts the alarm about the vac's arrival) all of which target parents of messy kids that just want their clean car back.

But aren't the crumbs way too cute to be sucked up like that? According to Michael McCarthy at AdAge, Tom Peyton, the exec-VP at American Honda said that if a media debate arises over the issue, he'll take it.