Print ads in the style of phone contacts tell stories of life in isolation

Latest campaign for ITV from Uncommon continues 'Britain Get Talking' campaign

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Apr 15, 2020

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ITV is continuing its "Britain Get Talking" mental health campaign with a series of print ads that tell stories about life in isolation, with the copy laid out in the style of a cellphone contacts list. 

For example, one ad shows a list that reads: "Call your Nan. Yeah she likes to criticize everything you do but you might be the only voice she hears today." The sentence is broken down into a list of words and emojis.

Another reads: "Call Your Dad. He's a bit quiet on the Family Group. Sure he normally hands you straight to Mum (mob) but he'd probably love a chat right now." Another of the ads features a genuine story about Dr. Rebz, an real-life Emergency Room doctor.  



ITV Phone Contacts NHS

“There’s been a lot of design work recently that has felt more like commentary than action," said Nils Leonard, Co-founder at Uncommon, in a statement. "We wanted to try and use print for what it’s best at: powerful stories and design that provokes change. No matter what the device, we all have a contact list, and everything starts there. There is hopefully a story here for everyone, and a reason for anyone to pick up their phone and keep talking.”

The executions are running across newspaper titles including The Observer and The Times, and the work will also run online and across social.