Jack Bonded Series Influencer Kit

Published On
Dec 18, 2023


If you’ve ever had the privilege to visit one of the Jack Daniel Distillery’s barrel houses, you know how it greets you—the creak of the wood floors, the aroma of cool, dewy air brimming with the hometown product and of course, a spirit of history and craftsmanship that permeate every nook and cranny of the structure.

To help Jack Daniel’s launch their new bonded series, FINN Partners sought to recreate this experience in a media kit. From the time-weathered metal doors to the enticing waft of whiskey, this kit attempts to take its recipient on a trip to Lynchburg.

Each kit was sent under lock and key to replicate the strict Bottled in Bond guidelines that were put into effect in 1897 to ensure quality (rules that Jack Daniel had already been following for years). The boxes were handmade/distressed so no two were the exact same. The materials inside included gold foil-stamps to convey the premium nature of the products.