Jackson Hole's unique hiking boots leave footprints with an important message

The footwear's imprint encourages hikers to 'tread on the trail' to help protect the environment

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Jan 14, 2022

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Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism has come up with an innovative way to encourage hikers to protect the environment—by using footprints from hiking boots as outdoor media.

During the pandemic, the Wyoming resort has seen a huge increase in traffic as people headed to outdoor destinations. But that came with a downside as more hikers means more poeple wandering off trails, damaging the environment and putting the entire ecosystem at risk.

Agency Colle McVoy created specially designed hiking boots to leave subtle footprints with a message to “tread on the trail.” In a pilot scheme last fall, footprints were left all over the trails to encourage people to stay on paths in a way that didn't mess up the environment with ugly signage. 

The resort now wants to attract attention from a potential boot-making partner that can expand the program and actually produce a line of specially designed boots. Until then, a pair is on display at the Grand Teton National Park Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center to help continue creating awareness for the program.