Jaguar Adds New Tom Hiddleston Film To 'British Villians' Campaign

Actor Quotes From Richard II As He Drives The F-Type Coupe

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Apr 21, 2014

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Jaguar has added new content to its "British Villians" campaign, which launched during the Super Bowl, with a two minute web film featuring actor Tom Hiddleston explaining "the art of villainy", as well as new digital and print work to accompany the campaign's U.K. launch.

In the film, Hiddleston is seen driving an F-type coupe into an underground car park to pick up a mysterious package, where he proceeds to explain more about how to pull off being a villain. As with the previous campaign, the traits mentioned tie in with the car itself, such as sounding distinctive and paying attention to detail. As he drives, he quotes from Shakespeare's Richard II.

As part of its digital activity, Jaguar has also launched an online game, The Lockmaster Challenge, in which users can test out their own villainous thinking to unlock a secret code. A poster campaign has also appeared in London, with the slogan "F The Meeting".