Jaguar Land Rover Turns Cars into Video Games with New Virtual Windscreen

The Technology Displays Data before Drivers' Eyes

Published On
Jul 10, 2014

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Driving a Jaguar Land Rover becomes a whole new game with the automaker's new "Jaguar Virtual Windscreen" concept. The car brand has developed tech that essentially turns driving into a videogame-like experience, meant to give consumers better control in the driver's seat while enhancing the racing skills of the more ambitious at the wheel.

The new windshield pulls up speed, navigation and hazard data before drivers' eyes. Virtual imaging software turns the road ahead into a race-track like experience, creating racing lines and "ghost car" visualizations that allow drivers to pace themselves against previous laps or those from other drivers.

Alongside the windshield tech, Jaguar Land Rover is also developing a gesture control system designed to keep driver's focus on the road ahead. On the horizon the carmaker also has plans to replace external and rear view mirrors with cameras and virtual displays.