Kids Help Santa to Slim Down in Intermarche's Healthy-Eating Focused Holiday Ad

Saint Nick Swaps Cookies for Salad in Film by Romance

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Nov 27, 2017

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In a climate of Western obesity worries, is it still OK for Santa Claus to be a stout, rotund "jolly old elf"?

That's the question French supermarket Intermarche poses in its holiday ad this year. In the film, a pair of super-cute young siblings in Santa's Grotto notice that Old Saint Nick looks a bit too big for their chimney. The conscientious pair, who have obviously had healthy eating messages drummed into them from an early age, spend the run-up to the holidays collecting salad, vegetables and grains on their shopping trips to Intermarche, and solemnly presenting Santa with their purchases. The experience brings them closer together (even if it's not clear if Santa actually ate that jar of beets and quinoa.)

The spot, created by agency Romance and charmingly directed by Katia Lewkowitz, is set to Henri Salvador's well-known French song, "J'ai tant reve" ("I've dreamt so much"). It premiered last night on French TV.

"After watching the finished film, I couldn't help saying to myself 'that's it, we've staked out our territory.' ln 2017, with lntermarche, we laid out the brand's strategic and creative foundations. We're lucky to be able to build a brand as powerful as this and to be a part of the "eat better'' crusade along the way," says Christophe Lichtenstein, CEO of Romance, in a statement.