Are You Doing Enough to Target Women's Insecurities? 'Jane St' Is

Latest Industry Satire Skewers Female Empowerment Ads

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Nov 06, 2015

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John St. -- the Canadian agency that brought you Cat-vertising and React-vertising -- is back with another biting industry satire, this time skewering the likes of Dove and Always and so-called "fem-vertising."

This film explains it's set up an agency called "Jane St" (motto: "If she's crying, she's buying") to take full advantage of this trend, and while some of the scenarios are hilarious -- intensive empathy training for male employees and a focus group sniffing armpit odor --there's also a seriously critical message about brands cynically targeting women with "empowerment" messages. With lines such as "they might not know they have these insecurities, so it's really important that we dig them up" and ideas such as going into schools to research "tomorrow's insecurities today," this parody strikes close to the bone (some might say too much so). Whatever your reaction, there are some unsettling suggestions here -- and it's sure to provoke debate among proponents of such ads and those who think a backlash is long overdue.


Nov 06, 2015
John St.

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