Test Your Digital Memory With Universal's 'Jason Bourne Experience'

Site Incorporates Google StreetView

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Aug 04, 2016
Jason Bourne Remember Everything

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Universal Pictures is promoting its new movie "Jason Bourne" with an online experience that tests your digital memory.

Created by French agency Darewin, the site invites you to log in via Facebook or Instagram and then uses your data to test you on what you were doing on a certain date at a certain location. It incorporates Google StreetView, as well as your own photographs, to make the "memories" more realistic than is usual for this kind of quiz -- for example, it could be a 360-degree view of the bar you were in on a certain day.

The questions are also pretty hard -- not only do you have to recall where you might have been with, you also have to choose from several locations on a map of the area -- so you might start to have some sympathy with the memory-challenged Bourne. You can share your results on social media.