Johnsonville Let Its Employees Come Up With Ads, and the Results Are Hilarious

Campaign From Droga5 Unleashed Staffers' Creativity

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May 25, 2016

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Johnsonville's quirkily comedic campaign from Droga5 takes a new tack in its latest ads. Having previously focused on messed-up families, the campaign now takes that to a new level, with the idea that only a family-owned company would let its employees come up with its commercials.

The latest campaign kicks off with a trailer, which shows a real-life focus group of staffers explaining their ideas for ads, interspersed with storyboards of some their suggestions, which range from the surreal to the Western and gothic horror-themed. (According to the agency, this footage was originally not meant to be public-facing, but they loved it so much it released it as part of the campaign).

Droga5 went on to create real commercials out of these real ideas, as well as a 30-second anthem spot explaining how the employees are responsible for the commercials. The most surreal has to be "Jeff and His Forest Friends," seen here, in which different animals come up to 18-year Johnsonville employee Jeff, who's eating Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage in a forest, and ask him questions. Another spot, playing on the suggestions of Johnsonville staffer Brett, involves a high-speed car chase in which trucks, ice-cream vans and grandmans on scooters are all chasing a Johnsonville grill truck. A third spot, titled "New Neighbors," is slated to launch next month.

The beauty of the ads, which are directed by Adam & Dave out of Arts & Sciences, is that everything unfolds just as the Johnsonville staffers explain it when coming up with their ideas, from the newsreader saying "Blah blah, car chase," to the animals wandering up, as explained by Jeff's deadpan voice. The earnestness of the stafffers is oddly endearing, and the way their ideas are brought to life will definitely appeal to a certain quirky sense of humor, (and if you really love it, you can watch a Behind the Scenes film too.)


May 25, 2016
Agency :
Droga5-New York
Brand :
Client :
Director :
Adam & Dave
Production Company :
Arts & Sciences
Chairperson :
David Droga
Chief Creative Officer :
Ted Royer
Group Creative Director :
Scott Bell
Senior Copywriter :
Chris Colliton
Senior Art Director :
Kevin Weir
Junior Copywriter :
Gabe Sherman
Junior Art Director :
Gage Young
Executive Design Director :
Rob Trostle
Design Director :
Rich Greco
Designer :
April Pascua
Chief Creative Officer :
Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Production :
Ben Davies
Executive Broadcast Producer :
Scott Chinn
Executive Broadcast Producer :
Adam Perloff
Global Chief Strategy Officer :
Jonny Bauer
Group Director, Strategy :
Aaron Wiggan
Senior Strategist :
Marc Iserlis
Data Strategy Director :
Lily Ng
Group Communications Strategy Director :
Brian Nguyen
Communications Strategist :
Kevin Wilkerson
Group Account Director :
Julia Albu
Account Director :
Dave Murphy
Account Supervisor :
Kate Tyler Monroe
Associate Account Manager :
Rebecca Warren
Project Manager :
Rayna Lucier
Vice President, Marketing :
Ryan Pociask
Group Marketing Director :
Jim Mueller
General Manager :
Jim Mueller
Integrated Marketing Director :
Jamie Schmelzer
Senior Brand Manager :
Ron Schroder
Senior Brand Manager :
Kimberly Keller
Associate Brand Manager :
Steve Bembinista
Marketing Associate :
Catherine Swick
Production Company :
Arts & Sciences
Director :
Adam & Dave
Director, Photography :
Toby Irwin
Executive Producer :
Marc Marrie
Producer :
Pat Harris
Editorial Company :
Editor :
Ryan Steele
Assistant Editor :
Maria Lee
Executive Producer :
Sasha Hirschfeld
Post Production Company :
Executive Producer :
Elexis Stearn
Producer :
Nicole Saccardi
Lead Flame Artist :
Andy Bate
2D Artist :
Steven Miller
2D Artist :
Mahendra Natha Reddy
3D Artist :
Masahito Yoshioka
3D Artist :
Ted Abeyta
Colorist :
Mark Gethin
Color Assistant :
Kris Smale
Executive Producer of Color :
Meghan Lang
Color Producer :
Rebecca Boorsma
Production Coordination :
Valentina Cokonis
Assistant Line Producer :
Neela Kumuda Parankusham
Sound Company :
Mixer :
Sam Shaffer

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