This 'Dumb Phone' Case Could Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

W&K Art Director Jeff Lam Knows His Market

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Jan 26, 2016

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With celebrities taking well-publicized breaks from social media, and even the likes of Verizon telling us not to be so addicted to our smartphones, inventing a device that saves you from smartphone addiction is a pretty smart move.

Jeff Lam, an art director at Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, has done just that with the Dumb Phone Case. The idea is pretty simple; you slip the case over your smartphone and it disables all the "smart" buttons so you can only use it as an "actual phone." You can even download instructions to 3D print one at home.

Lam could be on to something; or perhaps his genius lies in catering to those people who don't remember a time when, before smartphones, we did indeed have normal cellphones. Because, as he helpfully points out on the site, these digital natives don't have to go completely cold turkey: if that elevator ride becomes too boring, you can always "unclip the phone case to check the webcam app to see how your cat is doing."


Jan 26, 2016
Jeff Lam
Jeff Lam

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