Kraft Jell-O : Jell-O Moodmeter Billboard

Pudding Face hits the streets.

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Jul 28, 2011

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Crispin Porter + Bogusky extends theJell-O Pudding Mood Metercampaign with this New York billboard whose big face lights up, or goes into a frown depending on the mood of the country.

The agency monitored Twitter for two months and found that the global Twitter average for smiles was 1200 a minute, while for frowns it was 800 minute. With that as a mean, the agency programmed the billboard to check in to Twitter every seven seconds for smiley faces and sad faces and adjust the Pudding Face accordingly. When the world is feeling bluer than the norm, Jell-O searches for the frownies and rewards them with redemption links for free pudding--because who doesn't smile after eating pudding? The success of the campaign will be determined by whether Pudding Face stays out of the grumpy zone.


Jul 29, 2011
Brand :
Kraft Jell-O
Client :
Kraft Jell-O
Agency :
Crispin Porter Bogusky

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