Wearable Tech Meets Bourbon as Jim Beam Unveils Its Own Apple Watch

No Siri, but There's a Shot Glass

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Sep 07, 2016

Editor's Pick

As Apple unveils its latest raft of new products today, Jim Beam has got in on the act too, with the Jim Beam Apple Watch.

Promoting its Jim Beam Apple variant, the watch features a 1.5 oz. shot glass for your wrist and has a green strap -- "because some apples are green" -- and a green dial, which, according to the video, serves no purpose whatsoever.

You can actually order one on www.JimBeamAppleWatch.com -- and, at $17.99 (the same price as Jim Beam Apple,) it's a heck of a lot cheaper than Apple's alternative.

The campaign is being promoted by a video by Olson Engage, seen here, narrated by a Jim Beam master distiller who explains its "precision in shot-pouring" ; take a look at more photos of the Watch here.