John Legend invites you to sleep with him in Headspace's Super Bowl pregame ad

The wellness brand is touting its new sleep product for Valentine's Day

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Feb 10, 2022

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Headspace is taking advantage of a back-to-back Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day by airing its Valentine’s Day campaign a day early during the pregame show on Feb. 13. A 30-second spot shows a heart-pajama-clad John Legend touting his new sleep audio story with the mindfulness brand.

“The timing is so perfect,” said Amy Davis, who joined Headspace last year as VP of global brand marketing. “With Valentine’s Day falling the day after the Super Bowl this year and the ability to reach that broader audience and get Headspace on people’s minds as they’re thinking about how they can feel better and live a healthier happier life.”

Davis said that the brand decided earlier this month to air its Valentine’s Day commercial during the pregame. This is Headspace’s second year working with Legend.

In the commercial, called “Sleep with John Legend,” Legend cheekily tells viewers, “Greetings lovers, international superstar John Legend here with a very special gift for you. I’m going to let you sleep with me—well not sleep sleep with me, I’m a happily married man. Just regular sleep sleep,” he adds touting his new sleep-focused Headspace content for self-care.

Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen does not appear in the campaign, Davis confirmed. In addition to narrating the sleep content, Legend is serving up an eight-hour sleep playlist. Next month, he will take over Headspace’s Radio Headspace downloadable podcast.

Headspace is one of a host of wellness marketers looking to tout their wares on Sunday. It joins brands including Planet Fitness and Hologic which will both debut first-time commercials during the Super Bowl. An NBCUniversal executive recently told Ad Age that the health and wellness category is expected to have a bigger presence in the game this year. Experts say many brands have grown so big they are now able to pony up the $7 million cost of an in-game spot, as wellness becomes more of a part of everyday culture and consumers continue to invest in their own self-care.

“Traditionally, you didn’t expect a wellness brand to show up in this space—it’s a bit counter to what you’d expect from the Super Bowl,” Davis said. “In today’s climate, we need wellness tools and products and awareness like never before because health and wellness is becoming more of a mainstream opportunity.”

Headspace’s commercial was created by the brand’s in-house team. In addition to Sunday’s ad, the integrated campaign will include paid and organic social content on both Headspace and Legend’s channels that will drop throughout next week.