Cadbury Matches Your Facebook Personality to Chocolate

"Joy Generator" Kiosk Finds a Dairy Milk Product for Everyone

Published On
Jul 14, 2014

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Cadbury is continuing its "Joy" themed campaign in Australia with the installation of a special kiosk called the "Joy Generator" that claims to match a chocolate bar to your personality-- or, at least, your Facebook personality (which as we all know could be rather different to real life). On June 19-24, the chocolate company installed the kiosk at venues across Sydney, encouraging passers-by to log in with their Facebook profiles and get a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate product that matched their tastes. The best-matching chocolate was given away to the experiment participants for free. The program, developed by Red Agency, based the choice on analysis of people's interests across a range of categories such as brands, charities, TV-shows and music.