Adidas Challenges Londoners to Jump for a Pair of Shoes

Derrick Rose's London Visit Captured

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Jul 24, 2013

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Derrick Rose spent most of last week traveling through Europe as part of Adidas' "D-Rose Tour." One of his stops was in London, where he asked fans to try and win themselves a pair of his own sneakers, in a stunt by TBWA London. The only catch: They had to jump as high as a basketball player could to get them.

The stunt was held in Hackney, home to many of the U.K.'s aspiring basketball players. The visitors were given 24 seconds to jump for the shoes, which also happens to be the same amount of time it takes to make a play in a real basketball game.

It's a smart, simple way to demonstrate the power of the sneakers without actually forcing people to put on: They make you jump even when you aren't wearing them.