Agency Creates an 'Adult Ball Pit'...and (No Surprise) It's a Hit

Pearlfisher Appeals to Big Kids With 'Jump In' Installation

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Feb 03, 2015

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Have you ever watched kids playing in an Ikea ball pit and wanted to join in?

If so, turns out you're not alone. When branding agency Pearlfisher opened an "adult ball pit" in its West London offices, it turned out to be a huge hit. The agency filled the pit with 81,000 white balls and made it free to enter, donating one pound to charity Right to Play, which helps disadvantaged kids, for every visitor. The installation was the brainchild of Karen Welman, Pearlfisher's founding partner and chief creative officer. Word has spread like wildfire, with national media covering the story, and the ball pit experience/installation, called "Jump In," is now sold out until it closes on Feb. 13.


Feb 03, 2015
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