Jay-Z Joins Team Beats for Game 5 of NBA Finals

The Rapper/Entrepreneur Backs the Audio Company's New Spot

Published On
Jun 16, 2014

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Just ten days after Beats Electronics premiered its World Cup themed "Game before the Game" viral video, the company debuted a new version, last night, during Game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals -- a Miami Heat/San Antonio Spurs showdown.

Viewers tuned in to see two teams meet in the NBA finals for the second year in a row, wondering whether the Spurs would redeem themselves after last year's loss or if the Heat still had a shot at taking the Larry O'Brien trophy home for the third year in a row.

Beats co-founder and rapper Dr. Dre had ambiguously welcomed Jay-Z to the jungle over twitter on the eve of the much-anticipated game. The message, it turns out, foreshadowed a brand new verse for the abridged Beats video backing track "Jungle." The song, which has steadily climbed music charts since backing the extended cut, now finds itself with new soccer and Brazil-themed verses, courtesy of the performer, entrepreneur and basketball enthusiast.

The remix is now available to Beats Music subscribers exclusively. And the Spurs won in a 104-87 closeout.