Target : Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

Lights, camera, spectacle!

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Aug 16, 2010
Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

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Amidst current controversy with the LGBT community, in New York City at the Standard Hotel, Mother N.Y. and Target debuted a massive indoor/outdoor spectacular to promote the store's fall line of clothing. 155 rooms on the south side of the Standard became the stage for a massive choreographed light and dance show. 66 dancers performed in the windows against 156 LED lights, while models strut along an outdoor catwalk on the street below—all clad in autumn threads from Target outfitters like Mossimo, Merona, Converse and Liz Lange.

The show was meant to entertain the masses and was viewable from the southern entrance of the High Line Park. The 20-minute performance was accompanied by an original soundtrack by Squeak E. Clean, aka Sam Spiegel, performed by a 30-piece orchestra and 10-person chorus. Viewers who could see the show but were not close enough to hear the music could call into a special number (866-500-5046) for the audio.

For those not in the vicinity, or New York for that matter, Target also featured the event on its Facebook page, created out of Olson, Minneapolis. There, viewers could also get a taste of things to come with some quirky clue videos teasing the show.