A Killer Clown, Male Strippers and Zombies Add Element of Surprise to Chevy Focus Groups

McCann Commonwealth Effort Also Includes Livestreamed Event Today

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Apr 01, 2015

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Chevrolet injects the boring old focus group with an element of surprise -- and terror, and delight -- for the "Real People, Not Actors" campaign, launching today out of Commonwealth McCann. The effort subjects real folks to what appear to be the typical brand-driven survey sessions, but ultimately turn out to be spiked with tons of fun.

In one film, for example, the presenter asks the group to keep their eyes fixed to a screen before them, which features the view from a driving car. The task's made damn near impossible, however, when male strippers come in to flex their pecs and zombies enter, threatening disembowelment. It's after these charades that the moderator introduces the crowd to the 2015 Chevrolet Cruze, which helps people focus on their driving by allowing them to reply to text messages with the push of a button.

All of the films help to promote the features of Chevrolet's 2015 lineup. Another film gives the focus group the 20 questions treatment, to an absurd extreme, while yet another centers on one-on-one sessions in which the interviewees gets blindsided by a killer clown. A road test film also shows parents the benefits of in-auto Wi-Fi, while one more poses a tough choice to Mom and Dad.

The campaign also features a special livestream today on ChevroletBestDayEver.com, where the brand will treat viewers to a series of surprise concerts and guest appearances.

Read more about the campaign on Adage.com.


Apr 01, 2015
Linus Karlsson
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