Water is Life Launches Emotional Follow up to #FirstWorldProblems, With #5YearsToLive

When Five-Year-Olds Have Bucket Lists, You've Got a Problem

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Aug 05, 2013

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Get out your hankies. Unsafe drinking water is the leading cause of death for kids in sub-Saharan Africa. That's morbid enough, but DDB New York's treatment of the subject, for charity Water is Life, is what really gets you. Via a beautifully shot film, the agency tells the story of a four-year-old Maasai boy, Nkaitole, potentially one of the one-in-five kids who won't reach their fifth birthday--the latest statistic on the mortality rate of children raised without potable H20.

So Water is Life takes Nkaitole to do all the things he's never done before, checking off items on a bucket list he shouldn't have even had to think about at his age.

The campaign is a follow up from the award-winning Hashtag Killer campaign, which tried to juxtapose the inanity of your First World Problems by asking poor, disenfranchised Haitians to read out your tweets about leather couches and broken iPhones back to you.

This time, the campaign will include the hashtag #5YearstoLive, as well as video clips featuring American kids -- who probably won't die at five years -- reciting their own bucket lists. Print ads and radio spots are also on their way.