Aldi Reveals Kevin the Carrot's Eventual Fate in Final Installment of Holiday Campaign

Will He End Up the Dog's Christmas Dinner?

Published On
Dec 15, 2016

Editor's Pick

Aldi's U.K. arm has taken an interesting approach to Christmas advertising this year, evolving the original TV ad, starring Kevin the Carrot, into several new social and digital spots. We saw Kevin watching the John Lewis ad for example, and last week the casting tapes for his role were revealed. Now the brand has revealed another TV spot, breaking tonight, in which it's finally revealed what happens to Kevin after his ride on Santa's sleigh.

After a moment of what film regulators would proably call "mild threat," when he falls down the chimney into the fire, and gets chased by a dog, Kevin ends up as the nose on a snowman, and learns that the true meaning of Christmas is helping others.

We like the way the retailer, and agency McCann, have kept this story fresh until the week before Christmas; after all, a downside of all the holiday ads launching in early November is that you're potentially sick of them by late December. (Well done to the animators at Psyop too; when Kevin gets a glimpse of some delicious-looking carrots on the table, his look is priceless.)