Watch Kevin Spacey Playing Frank Underwood in a Bizarre Plug for Alibaba's E-Commerce Festival

His Message to Chinese Shoppers: 'Spoil Yourselves'

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Nov 11, 2015

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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba hosted a 3 ½-hour televised variety show to kick off its annual e-commerce festival, Singles' Day. Despite the onslaught of local celebrities, along with Daniel Craig and Adam Lambert, Kevin Spacey stole the show by playing his "House of Cards" character in a surprise cameo. ("House of Cards" is popular in China, where it shows on an online video platform.)

The presidential logo flashed onscreen, and President Frank J. Underwood appeared in a pre-recorded video, sitting at his faux desk in the Oval Office. "If this Singles' Day is the excuse you have been waiting for to spoil yourself with online shopping, then I must say I'm more than a little jealous," he said.

The "president" suggested a few things people might buy -- like burner phones and presidential M&Ms. He also joked that the White House has too many firewalls for him to join in the shopping. Firewalls are a rather sensitive subject in China, since the country's Great Firewall blocks most people on the mainland from accessing major internet sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google.

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