KFC used musicians to sneak its ads onto Spotify Premium

Artists worked the new Kentucky Burger into their profiles and playlists

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Feb 06, 2020

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Spotify users pay monthly membership fees for the platform’s Premium service for an ad-free environment, but that didn’t stop KFC Middle East from getting its limited-edition chicken Kentucky Burger in front of the music streamers anyway.
The fast feeder worked with Dubai-based advertising agency Memac Ogilvy to devise a way around the zero-ads promise by choosing three artists of the Dubai region to promote the burger in their profile avatars, cover photos, playlists and event listings. The musicians—Flipperachi, Moh Flow and Shébani–added the burger to their profiles and built out playlists with song titles spelling out: “Discover New Kentucky Burger. Come & Visit KFC. Get It, Before It’s Too Late.” Users are also being redirected to KFC stores when they click on the artists’ next event location.
A video that goes along with the campaign claims KFC is the first to advertise on Spotify Premium. Captions read that the burger deserves an “anything but ordinary ad” for an “anything but ordinary burger.”  
The move is both risky and resourceful. Though Spotify likely can't be too pleased about the hack, Memac Ogilvy says it hasn’t received a reaction from the platform, and the campaign, which began on January 23 is still live on Moh Flow and Shébani’s profiles. Flipperachi was contracted for a week so his profile is back to normal.  
KFC has been known to experiment with alternative ways to reaching consumers, and this isn’t the first time it’s using Spotify to do so. Last May, KFC’s French arm and agency Sid Lee Paris crafted a “Bucket Bangers” playlist of hip-hop tracks that reference KFC.