Repositioning the original for relevance

Published On
Feb 12, 2020



To take this multibillion dollar brand to the next level, the leadership team recognized the need to develop a global brand platform that could drive a connected, purpose-driven brand expression that would be relevant to all markets, yet flexible enough to allow market specific execution. Bulldog Drummond was hired to help design the journey to develop that brand platform with the leadership team, key stakeholders and strategic partners around the globe.


We started the process by reviewing research from over twenty countries, interviewing key market leaders from various functions and looking closely at current brand communications. From this we built a current picture of the KFC global brand. After working closely with the global executive leadership team to identify a number of relevant brand territories, we narrowed to one that was rooted in the brand’s heritage as “The Original”. From this territory, we developed global brand values, service principles and pillars to drive KFC’s food, experience design and social responsibility. The Original platform was ultimately designed into a brand toolkit and rolled out globally.