KFC Has Made a Fried Chicken-Scented Candle

Perfect for the Holiday Season?

Published On
Dec 07, 2016

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This holiday, you can fill your house with the scent of pine needles and resin. Or, you could fill it with the wafting fragrance of KFC.

KFC New Zealand has created a scented candle and has been holding a Facebook competition for fans to win one. And in a clever twist, the way to win one was to suggest another product KFC could make (so far, those ideas include lip balms and postage stamps.)

It's not the first time the brand has reached out to those who love the smell and flavor of its products. Earlier this year it produced edible KFC nail polish in Hong Kong and it created KFC-scented sun lotion in the U.S. for Labor Day to promote its Extra Crispy Colonel.