KFC's Cute Holiday Campaign Is Like the 'Newlywed Game' for Friends

Answer Correctly, Win More Chicken

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Nov 18, 2015

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This year's holiday campaign from KFC in the U.K. promotes its Friendship Buckets, so the brand decided to put some customers' friendships to the test. In this ad, the brand (in an approach reminiscent of U.S. classic game show "The Newlywed Game") gets best friends to guess what their pals would say in response to various questions -- on subjects as diverse as dream partner, Christmas, fashion choices, what they talk about most or the nicest things they've done for each other. If they answer right, their Friendship Bucket gets filled up with chicken.

To cast the films, KFC ran a street casting and social media campaign seeking real best friends to play the game in a KFC restaurant. The results are sweetly captured (by BBH London and director MJ Delaney at Moxie Pictures), and the pairs of friends will also feature in outdoor ads. What's more, ordinary customers can now play the game too: online at KFC's web page, or at selected U.K. restaurants, and win a voucher for a friendship bucket.

The strategy behind the ad is to create a credible role for KFC in the run up to Xmas, when friends are out and about shopping -- as customers are unlikely to be eating KFC on Christmas day itself.