Kia’s new electric vehicles want to bring wonderful moments into your life

The trio of EVs show off their advanced features with a hint of emotion

Published On
Jul 13, 2022

Editor's Pick

Kia's latest campaign highlighting its three new Niro electric vehicles—from creative agency Innocean Berlin—focuses on the brand’s message that “everything Kia does should inspire people and help bring their ideas to life.”

The “Make way for wonderful” campaign launched with two films that pull on the emotional heartstrings of viewers. Each video is meant to show how EV technology and advanced features in the Niro can bring inspiration and joyful moments to peoples’ lives. 

In the video titled “Graduation,” a young man is seen running late to graduation, one that you’d assume is his own. While on the way, it shows some of the car features such as the on-screen texts—which are from his dad asking where he is. When he finally arrives at the graduation, it shows the vehicle parking itself—another feature—and him handing a cap to his father, who turns out to be the one graduating. 


Another, called “Message,” follows the same man, only this time it shows him starting a long-distance relationship with his partner. After a going-away party, he takes her to the airport. While the woman says goodbye and waits for her flight, the man hurries back to his Kia EV. He drives to a sign that says “364 days to go” and lights it up using the car's electric battery. It ends with the woman seeing it from the plane as it takes off.

“We wanted ‘Make way for wonderful’ to be more than just a campaign claim but more of a promise that will be delivered by the Kia Niro family,” Gabriel Mattar, European chief creative officer, Innocean Berlin, said in a statement. “This inspiring blend of EV models and smart technology give you all the tools to make life easier and filled with more wonderful moments.”

Along with the films, the campaign will extend to social media and across multiple Europe platforms.