Kentucky for Kentucky : Kick Ass SuperBowl Commercial

Not quite a Super Bowl ad.

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Jan 18, 2012

Editor's Pick

Using social media to promote your corner of the globe is an increasingly popular phenomenon (think Obermutten's Facebook campaign and the Philippines Department of Tourism campaign that went viral).

Last summer, a group of ad industry Kentuckians, Whit Hiler, Kent Carmichael and Griffin VanMeter, decided to do the same for Kentucky, forming Kentucky for Kentucky to tell the world how 'kick ass' Kentucky is. Having got a good following on the campaign's Facebook page, next they attempted to get the funds to run a Super Bowl ad. The campaign went on Kickstarter, and though it eventually failed to raise the required $3.5m, it garnered social media buzz, with over 6,000 Facebook likes, Twitter mentions and praise from Kickstarter, raising awareness of Kentucky and its creations (including bourbon, bluegrass and Johnny Depp). But watch out - the Kentuckian admen aren't finished yet. They say they're going to do this every year until Kentucky gets a Super Bowl ad.