Watch T-Mobile's Third Super Bowl Ad -- This Time, Without Tim Tebow

Publicis Seattle & Riney Are Behind Text-Only Spot

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Feb 02, 2014

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T-Mobile's first two ads in the Super Bowl, created via BSSP, starred a contract-less Tim Tebow, waxing poetic about how wonderful it is not to have a contract. The third ad from the brand is a completely different take, from a completely different agency. Publicis Seattle & Riney go the straightforward route with a 30-second spot building on its "Un-Carrier" branding. It's all words on a bright pink background, telling you about a really enticing offer -- T-Mobile will pay for you to break your contract. Music is "Whistle Stop" from Disney's "Robin Hood," by Roger Miller.

At the end, it tells you to enjoy the rest of the game, and says that perhaps next year, it'll hire a big movie star for its ad. That end is a bit incongruous with the previous two spots, which did include a big name (sports) star: Tebow.